To exchange information and activities across borders on promotion, notification, alert and control. The main focus will be:

1. Communicable diseases
   (a) Food and water borne diseases
   (b) Vector borne diseases
   (c) Other communicable diseases

2. Food safety and alert

3. Pharmaceutical products and cosmetics alert

4. Health promotion activities

Visiting of Labuan Health Directors and Officer to Narathiwat Provincial Health Office

State Health Department Of Federal Territory Of Labuan , Malaysia is organizing a working visit to the Health office of Narathiwat , Thailand from 27th to 29th March 2012 and our offical delegation will consists of ten(10) officers and stuffs.

The 2012 Malaysia-Thai Goodwill Cycle

Kelantan's National Security Council, together with Kelantan State Health Department and Narathiwat Provincial Health Office, with the cooperation of Pasir Mas Geraksihat Association (GERSIH) and Kelantan Fitness Association, held the 2012 Malaysia-Thai Goodwill Cycle on 31st March 2012 (Saturday), starting at 8.15am from Rantau Panjang Check Point Entrance.