To exchange information and activities across borders on promotion, notification, alert and control. The main focus will be:

1. Communicable diseases
   (a) Food and water borne diseases
   (b) Vector borne diseases
   (c) Other communicable diseases

2. Food safety and alert

3. Pharmaceutical products and cosmetics alert

4. Health promotion activities

27th Malaysia-Thailand Border Health GoodWill Meeting

27th Malaysia-Thailand Border Health Goodwill Meeting

Date: 26th - 29th August 2014
Venue: Springfield, Cha am, Phetchaburi ,Thailand
Organizers: SATUN Provincial Health Office and PERLIS State Health Department

Second 27th Kelantan-Narathiwat Border Health Goodwill Subcommittee Meeting

27th Kelantan-Nawathiwat Border Health Goodwill Subcommittee Meeting

Date : 4th June 2014
Venue : Kota Bharu Public Health Laboratory, Perol, Kota Bharu,Kelantan, Malaysia.
Organizers : Kelantan State Health Department.